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Date Day Time Movie Actor Category Rating Reference
2019-09-21 Saturday 3:00 PM Tooth Fairy 2 (2012)Larry the Cable GuyComedyU View Info
2019-09-21 Saturday 8:00 PM Pitch Perfect (2012)Anna KendrickRomancePG13 View Info
2019-09-22 Sunday 3:00 PM Horton Hears a Who! (2008)Jim CarreyAnimationU View Info
2019-09-22 Sunday 8:00 PM Big Stan (2007)Rob SchneiderComedy18PL View Info
2019-09-23 Monday 8:00 PM SD Club Movie Theater ClosedClosedActionU View Info
2019-09-24 Tuesday 8:00 PM Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)Anna KendrickComedyPG13 View Info
2019-09-25 Wednesday 8:00 PM Red Cliff (2008) Chi biTony Leung Chiu WaiActionU View Info
2019-09-26 Thursday 8:00 PM Red Cliffs 2 (2009) Chi biChen ChangActionPG13 View Info
2019-09-27 Friday 8:00 PM Don't Say a Word (2001)Michael DouglasThrillerU View Info
2019-09-28 Saturday 3:00 PM Escape from Planet Earth (2013)Brendan FraserAnimationPG13 View Info
2019-09-28 Saturday 8:00 PM Dennis the Menace (1993)Walter MatthauComedyU View Info
2019-09-29 Sunday 3:00 PM Hotel Transylvania (2012)Adam SandlerAnimationU View Info
2019-09-29 Sunday 8:00 PM Death Race 2 (2010)Luke GossAction18PL View Info
2019-09-30 Monday 8:00 PM SD Club Movie Theater ClosedClosedActionU View Info
2019-10-01 Tuesday 8:00 PM Knowing (2009)Nicolas CageActionPG13 View Info
2019-10-02 Wednesday 8:00 PM The Da Vinci Treasure (2006)C. Thomas HowellActionU View Info
2019-10-03 Thursday 8:00 PM The Intern (2015)Robert De NiroComedyPG13 View Info
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