Sports & Recreational Facilities

Tennis Court

Location : Near the entrance to the club house

Description : 4 tennis courts and 2 practice courts

Opening hours :

  • Daily from 8.00 am - 10.00 pm

Guest fee / charges : Please visit our fees page for details.

Dress Code : Proper, clean and presentable attire shall be worn on the courts. T-shirts with sleeve, shorts and socks must be worn at all times.

Booking Procedure :

  • The general booking procedures of the Courts may from time to time at the absolute discretion of the Management be changed and such changes if any will be posted on the Notice Board.
  • Unless otherwise posted, booking will be for one (1) hour only. Any court not taken up within ten (10) minutes from the start of the booked time by the Members who made the reservation will be made immediately to other members.
  • All court bookings must be made at the Front Office via phone only. Booking of courts may be made forty eight (48) hours in advance.
  • Booking for solo play is not allowed.
  • Members making bookings are requested to produce their membership cards.
  • To encourage goodwill and courtesies, players must vacate the courts when their play session ends. Subject to the availability of the courts, an extension of court time may be made at the Front Office after the completion of the one (1) hour play.
  • Any cancellation of bookings must be made at least four (4) hours before the booking time. A member who fails to turn up to take court after having made the booking or reservation will be charged RM10.00 as 'cancellation fee'.

Registration & Payment :

  • Members are required to produce their membership cards.
  • All registration and charged payments including guest's fee must be transacted at the Front Office Counter.

Lessons :

  • All racquet games lessons may be conducted only at the Club by such qualified and authorized coaches or instructors who are appointed or approved by the company.
  • All registrations and payments for any racquets games lesson including any rentals of the equipments in relation thereto must be transacted at the Front Office and signed for prior to the commencement of such lesson.
  • No cash payment directs to the sport coaches or instructors are allowed.

Regular Activities :

  • Lessons
    • Adult Tennis
    • Junior Tennis
  • Members Night

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