Sports & Recreational Facilities

Swimming Pool

Location : Ground floor of the Club House.

Description : 25 meters off-form Main Swimming Pool, Children Pool linking to Wading Pool through slide, and Jacuzzi.

Opening hours :

  • Every Monday (1.00 pm to 10.00 pm)
  • Tuesday to Sunday (7.30 am to 9.00 pm)
  • The usage of the pools is strictly prohibited during closing hours except for those who are undergoing official or competitive training.
  • Pool Closed from 12.00pm to 1.00pm daily from Monday to Friday except on weekends or public holiday.

Guest fee / charges : Please visit our fees page for details.

Dress Code : Swimming attires only.

Booking Procedure : No advance bookings are required.

Registration & Payment :

  • Members are required to produce their membership cards.
  • All registration and charged payments for guest's fee must be transacted at the Front Office Counter.
  • Members are required to sign in the Registration Book provided and to obtain towel.

Lesson :

  • Swimming lessons are conducted at the Club by such qualified coaches or instructors who are appointed by the Club.
  • All registration and charged payments for swimming including guest's fee must be transacted at the Front Office Counter. No cash payments direct to the pool staff or towel dispenser staff is allowed.
  • The lesson must start with the full Package and than follow by the additional class if necessary.
  • All fees must be paid prior to commencement of lesson. All fees paid will not be refundable.
  • Notice of termination for lessons must be provided at least one (1) month in advance. No reduction in lesson will be entertained midway through the course.
  • This contract is only valid for 3 months effective from the date of first lessons or the completion of package registered, which ever comes first. As for additional class, the contract is only valid for one month.
  • The Club/instructor must not be held liable for any injury/death that occur in the course of lessons.
  • Replacement classes will not be offered for absentees.
  • No classes will be conducted on public holidays.
  • If on medical treatment or suffer any illness please specify

Regular activities :

  • Lessons
  • Water Therapy Programme for Special Children

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