Sports & Recreational Facilities

Snooker Room

Location : It is located at the ground floor of the Club House.

Description : It is equipped with two snooker tables and is fully airconditioned.

Opening hours :

  • Monday to Friday from 2:00pm to 10:00pm
  • Weekend from 12:00pm to 10:00pm

Guest fee / charges : Please visit our fees page for details.

Dress Code & Conduct :

  • Members are required to be properly attired. Slippers, sandals, shorts, tracksuits and Tshirts without collars or sleeve are not allowed at all times.
  • Silence is to be observed while cueing or when requested by a player.
  • The sports attendant may stop a person from playing or using the facilities whenever he deems fit, i.e., when a person is found mishandling the snooker table or other equipments or when by laws are materially contravened.
  • Any damage whatsoever and however caused to the snooker tables or other equipments shall be borne by the member concerned.

Booking Procedure :

  • Persons under the age of 18 years are prohibited to enter the facility room.
  • The management shall from time to time be entitled to reserve such number of snooker table or tables for competition or otherwise.
  • Solo play is strictly not allowed when there are other members who are waiting to play.
  • Any member is eligible to play during the opening hours of the Snooker Room subject to availability of the tables.
  • A member may reserve a table at the front office who will upon such request and subject to availability of the same, record the time of such reservation.
  • Any booking is to be done in person by the Member.
  • Any table not taken up in 10 minutes from the time of play will be released to other Members.
  • In the event the tables are already in use, the following shall be strictly followed for the order of play:
    • Member wishing to play may register their names and membership numbers on the waiting list on a firstcomefirstserve basis.
    • Subsequent members shall register as required below the last registered name.
    • The member registered first in the waiting list shall have first choice of play.
    • Members already playing should give away to subsequent registered members after the one (1) hour booking time is up.
    • The name of the member which has been cancelled from the waiting list as a result of any table not taken up in 10 minutes is not transferable to another member.
    • Any member, after acquiring the right to play shall be free to choose his own playing partner from the waiting list.
    • Any member playing is not allowed to register his name on the waiting list until he has finished playing.
    • No substitutes are allowed while a game is in progress.

Registration & Payment :

  • Members are required to produce their membership cards at the front office.
  • All registration and charged payments for guest's fee must be transacted at the Front Office Counter.

Lesson : Not available.

Regular activities :

  • Member's Night

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