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Concluded Activities : May 2008

SeniorCise - Health-Up Organic Farm Trip
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Lots of laughing, chatting and fun-filled camaraderie as new friends got to know each other, and old friends caught up with the latest happenings. There were boundless energy in the morning as these seniors headed on to the Organic Farm. This was the inaugural trip for SeniorCise™ Health-Up™!

All ladies on-board received a complimentary stalk of carnation to commemorate Mother's Day, as a token of appreciation for the contributions they had made to society. These lovely ladies looked so happy to receive flowers! (I wondered when was the last time they received flowers?)

Even the bus seemed to beam happily as it transported these youthful seniors. Finally, the bus pulled into the organic farm, and this group of adventurers braved themselves to step into "Happy Mess", greeted by the farm's founder, Mr. Gan, of GK Organic Farm.

We were escorted to a wooden hut. After a short introductory speech from Mr. Gan, Mr. Dexter Lim from SeniorCise™ conducted a 5 minute FlexiCise™ warm-up session before the group challenged themselves to go for the "bare footed" organic farm tour. The free "reflexology" session was really painful initially; yet after 5 minutes or so, everyone was used to it and started to enjoy themselves. By keeping in close contact with Mother Earth, we were actually discharging our free radicals back to earth.

Mr. Gan was very knowledgeable in the ways of nature, and we were given invaluable insight as to how everything in nature balances itself, with even the insects playing an important role! The whole group also tasted ladies fingers and "Super Sweet Corns" plucked straight off the plant! The name speaks for itself! It was just so juicy and sweet, fresh off nature's refrigerator!

After taking a short tour around the farm, we headed back to the lovely hut, and were treated with succulent and sweet bananas together with chilled sugarcane juice. Mr. Gan then conducted a short but very educational presentation on "Our Way of Small Scale Organic Farming In Malaysia".

During the presentation, he even shared with us why we should eat more local fruits, and how to maximize the nutrient values of the fruits and vegetables that we eat.

After the presentation ended, we then had our lunch. A variety of sumptuous, mouth-watering organic food (from the farm) was served. It tasted so good that the members asked for pointers and even for some "secret recipes" to try at home, of which the person-in-charge, Mr. Liew, willingly obliged.

As the farm does sell some of its produce to visitors, we had a field time purchasing fresh vegetables and home-made products. One of the members actually purchased over RM200 worth of vegetables and produce! In fact, when we left, most of the shelves were quite bare as our members had almost cleaned up the store!

We felt reluctant to leave the land of fresh air and even fresher produce, but we had to come back down to earth. It was indeed sad to leave heaven… Back on the bus, we were quite tired, but extremely happy after the trip. Our members suggested either heading off to a fruit orchard, or for Cameron. Want to be kept updated? SMS or Call 012-3028976 to find out more NOW!

The Itinerary on 17th May 2008.

9:45 am: Arrival
10.00am: Guided Barefooted Farm Tour
11:00am: Complementary organic drink & fruits
11:15am: Briefing on Organics (PowerPoint Presentation)
12:30pm: Picnic-styled buffet lunch; Organic & Vegetarian!
2.00pm: Back to the club!

Concluded Activities : May 2007

Fischer Novices Inter-Team Tennis Tournament - 19th & 20th May 2007
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16 Teams participated in this 2 day tournament. Teams from as far as Singapore and Penang participated in this event which saw the Shah Alam Tennis Club and Bukit Mertajam Tennis Club finally emerge the joint champions.

We hereby express our sincere appreciation to all participating teams, the contribution of the sponsors such as Fischer, Gym & Care, Jade Palace Restaurant, Sri D Coffeehouse, Crystal Crown Hotel KL, Hiestand, V-Good, Expression Bakery and not forgetting Mr. Norman Woo and Mr. Toi See Juan from Just Tennis for their tireless effort in making the event a great success.

Our gratitude also goes to Mr. Saw Swee Leong (MD) and Mr. Ong Sai Ping (GM) from Fischer for their undivided support.

SDC In-house Veteran Age Group Badminton Tournament - 6th & 13th May 2007

18 club members participated in this 2 day tournament. Mr. Chaw Seng Chiong emerged the victor over Mr. Lim Pui Soon. Mr. Lim Eng Kok was declared the Best Placed Senior Veteran.

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