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SD Club Membership

1. Membership Fee:-

No. Membership Category Membership Fee Refundable Deposit
1 Resident Membership (Transferable) RM5,000.00 + RM500.00
2 Non-Resident Membership (Transferable) RM8,888.00 + RM1,000.00
3 Corporate Membership (Transferable with 3 nominated families) RM18,000 + RM3,000.00
4 Term Family Membership (Non-transferable)

a) One (1) Year Term Family

b) Three (3) Years Term Family



+ RM500.00

+ RM500.00

2. Monthly Subscription

RM103.07 per Month (inclusive GST)

3. Mode of Payment

Full Payment either by Cash, Cheque or Credit Card at Front Office

4. Additional Documents to be included for submission of application form

  • Photocopy of your Identity Card (I.C.) - Applicant, spouse and birth certificates for your children age below 12.
  • Two (2) photograph (I.C.) size each
  • Photocopy of Sales & Purchase Agreement or Title Deed of Assessment. (For resident membership application only.)
  • Payment either by cash, cheque, bank draft or credit card for membership fee and refundable deposit. The refund shall be made within seven (7) days from the date of submission for unsuccessful applicant.

5. Cooling-Off Period

Applicants are advised that they are entitled to a "Cooling-off period of ten (10) days" from the day the application form and payment for the purchase of membership are lodged with the Club to withdraw the application without any deduction or penalty.

6. For further information on membership application, kindly contact the Club

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