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Terms & Conditions of Credit Facilities

1. Statement of Account

  • A statement will be rendered to the member once a month or at such intervals as the Club may deem fit to the last known address of the member in the Club record. Such statements shall be deemed to have been received by the member within forty-eight (48) hours from the date of posting.
  • Upon receipt of the statement, the member is deemed to have examined all entries in the statement.
  • If there is any error, discrepancy or inaccuracy in the statement, it shall be the duty of the member to report to the Club in writing and with supporting documents (within seven (7) days from the date that member receives or deemed to have received the statement).
  • If the member for any reason does not within aforesaid seven (7) days notify the Club in writing of any error, discrepancy or inaccuracy of any entry therein, then the member shall be deemed to have accepted the entries contained therein as final and conclusive evidence. The statement shall be considered as conclusive as against the member and binding on the member’s legal representatives and successors.

2. Interest

A late payment charge (interest) of 1% per month calculated from the due date to the date of payment on a daily basis is levied when:-

  • Account is overdue (60 days)
  • Suspension of membership
  • Termination of membership

3. Suspension

The Club reserves the right to withdraw or suspend an account at its sole discretion. An account will be suspended when account is 60 days overdue regardless of amount. The Club reserves the right to release suspension, as it deems fit.

4. Credit Limit

Credit limit is set at the sole discretion of the Club and member may apply for an increase in credit limit if credit limit issued is insufficient. Presently, credit limit is set at an amount equivalent to the member’s security deposit. The Club may impose certain conditions before the limit is increased.

5. Termination

Without prejudice to or limiting the Club’s rights as contained in the Trust Deed (Rule 16), the Club may withdraw the membership offered with or without prior notice or upon the occurrence of either the following events:

  • If the member fails or defaults in payment including charges, late payment charges (interest) and any other fee where formally requested; or
  • If the member is found to be a bankrupt or to be adjudged a bankrupt. (Note: Upon member’s adjudication being annulled or his conviction is set aside, the Club may at its discretion restore him / her as a member); or
  • If there is a winding-up proceeding against the corporate member; or
  • If the member shall become insane or dies; or
  • The account is operated not to the satisfaction of the Club, though the account is in current status; or
  • If the member been convicted of a criminal offence. (Note: All the privileges of the member shall be forfeited without claim for any refund of membership fee or any payment made by the member to the Club, except for refundable deposit after deduction of outstanding amount.

6. Reminders

Reminders would be issued on the 20th of every month according to the period outstanding.

7. Indemnity

  • Members, principal and supplementary are jointly and severally liable for all charges incurred by them.
  • The member is liable to pay the Club all legal costs, charges and interest until full settlement for any action taken to recover any monies owed to the Club.
  • Where a member has nominated another to enjoy the privilege of membership, the member is responsible and obliged to pay all outstanding charges should there be default in payment.

8. Amendments

Any of the terms and conditions may from time to time be revoked, altered or added to by the Club provided that at least fourteen (14) days’ prior notice shall be given by posting on the notice board of the Club. The amendment shall come into effect at the date stipulated in the notice.

9. Changes in Member’s Information

The member shall inform the Club of any change in billing address, contact number and place of employment.

10. Waiver

No failure by any member to comply with the Term and Conditions of Credit Facilities shall be deemed to have been waived, excused or accepted by the Club unless the same is expressly waived, excused or accepted by the Club writing.

11. Corporate Member

The company for which the Corporate Membership has been granted shall be liable for the full payment of all nomination fees, subscriptions and monies due under the account. Renewal is at the discretion of the Club at the expiry of the term. Corporate nominees shall observe and conform to all the Rules & Regulations established in respect of the Club.

12. Membership Card

Every member including corporate nominees and family members together with their children (below 21 years old) will have a membership card. Any replacement of cards shall be charged as follows:

Lost cardLost card
with Police Report
Transfer & NominationOld to New CardDamaged Card
RM35.00RM25.00RM15.00 RM15.00RM15.00

The membership card must be produced when utilizing the Club facilities and when requested by any authorized official of the Club. The card is not transferable and must be returned in case of Membership transfer, nomination and termination.

13. Rules & Regulations and Deed of Trust

The Terms and Conditions of Credit Facilities are supplemental to the Deed of Trust and amendments thereto and Rules and Regulations established in respect of the Club. In the event of any conflict, the provisions of the Deed of Trust and Rules and Regulations shall prevail.

14. Interpretation

In the Rules and Regulations, the following words mean:

The Club means Sri Damansara Club Berhad.
Member means Any person whether individual or corporate that has been granted a membership and as for corporate member shall include its nominees.
Nominee means A person who has been nominated by a corporate member and approved by the Club to use and enjoy the facilities of the Club.
Advance payment means The security deposit to be paid by a member to the Club upon the acceptance of membership.
Monthly subscription means The monthly subscription payable by the member as fixed by the Club.

15. Easy Payment Scheme through Credit Cards

Sri Damansara Club is introducing another convenient way of paying the Club’s monthly dues. The hassle and numerous statements, you receive will be a thing of the past. Your entire monthly outstanding or subscription fee shall appear in the statement of the credit card of your choice. Please note that we will still send the Club’s monthly statement to you as a reference.

All you need to do is to fill up a standing instruction form and furnish us copies of your credit card and identification card (front & back). All transactions will be treated in strict confidentiality. With this move to reduce your administrative burden, we welcome your participation.

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