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Welcome to Sri Damansara Club

Welcome to Sri Damansara Club!

Sri Damansara Club opened its doors on a very auspicious day - 31 August 1995.

On behalf of the management, we wish to invite you to join our privilege membership.

Sri Damansara Club is a home offering a lifestyle that's healthy, idyllic and tranquil. It's also a place where you are given the chance to spend quality time with your family and friends.

The Club House offers members a myriad of activities housed in a charming and rustic atmosphere, all in a contemporary yet postwar architecture.

When the inevitable beckons, Sri Damansara Club also offers the choice to conduct business conferences or functions with full range of facilities and support equipment.

When quality time counts, put your family ahead, right here at Sri Damansara Club where it's a home away from home.

Thank you.

The Management of SD Club

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